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From The Farm

A footpath forms a V, then crosses the farm and is part of the Hardy Way, a long distance trail across Dorset.  You can join the footpath at our Caravan Site above the farm shop and there are several circular walks of different lengths that can be done from here.

Allington Hill

Take the footpath across the fields until you reach Donkey Lane. Turn right and then left at the end to join the main pavement into town. Cross the road into Hospital Lane (on your right) and find the gate into Allington Hill on your left. The hill is owned by The Woodland Trust and managed by a group of volunteers known as the Allington Hillbillies. There are many paths around the hill and a play equipment hidden in the trees (see-saw, swings, etc).

To Bridport

Join the footpath at the caravan site, follow the hedge to the next field then go diagonally across the next field (there is a trodden path you can follow). Go through the hedge and over the stile into Donkey Lane.  Turn right and then left at the end of the lane to follow the pavement to town. 

To West Bay

as above. When you get to the mini roundabout at Balson's the Butcher, turn right then cross the road at the pelican crossing. Go through a small car park with a Magna Housing sign at the entrance and past Oh Crumbs cafe, keeping the large building on your left. Follow the path through the playing fields and over a small bridge. Carry on to the left along the river and then bear right when you get past the allotments (on your right) through another playing field. Follow the footpath alongside the river, crossing the road at the brewery, then follow the footpath across the fields to West Bay. 

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