The Animals


Devon Ruby Red Beef

Since 2002 we have had a suckler herd of around North Devon Ruby Reds. They graze the pastures around the farm and supply the shop and restaurant with delicious, tasty beef joints, mince and steaks.

The Sheep

A small flock of sheep can be seen roaming the pastures around the lakes, CL site and shop. They provide the shop and restaurant with tasty lamb. Spring time brings the arrival of the new baby lambs.  

Izzy, Flora, Ada & Annie

Izzy & Flora are our old middle-white sows. They have recently been jointed by Ada and Annie, pedigree middle-whites who we hope to have piglets from.


The chickens are kept just below the childrens play area. They feed on waste fruit and vegetables and produce a constant supply of fresh eggs that can be purchased in the shop.